AJAX with IIS7 using MS Access 2007 database

This is a very critical thing i found when working with MS Access 2007 and AJAX.net

The ajax funtionality was working fine on my asp.net development server whilst using MS Access 2007 as the backend database

But guess what????????

When the site was published to IIS7, the ajax funtionality would just not work. After 2 days of roaming on google, i found that this thing needs an MS SQL Server and it was not happy working with MS Access 2007 on IIS7.

This was quite interesting because IIS7 would not really care much about which DB is using with ajax site, but changing from Access to SQL Server solved my problem an the site was working fine.

If anybody has more clue on this, please feel free to comment

The provider for Access that i was using in my web.config is Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0

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