Benefits of WPF over WinForms

Benefits of WPF over standard Windows forms:

1.    WPF implements a vector-based composition engine which allows for graphics to scale based on screen-specific resolution without loss of quality which is not possible with fixed-size raster graphics used in standard windows forms.

2.    This is done by leveraging Direct3D. WPF will utilise the Graphic Processing unit (GPU) on video card but only those video cards that implement DirectX 7 or higher.

3.    WPF uses a floating-point logical pixel system.

4.    WPF supports 32-bit ARGB colours.

5.    WPF applications hosted in Internet Explorer can exploit the capabilities of local client hardware, providing a rich web experience with 3D, digital media etc. which is most sought after in applications today.

6.    Via its property system (part of the core WPF architecture), WPF offers dependency objects which takes care of thing like ChangeAware implementation.

7.    Using WPF, we can create declarative UIs that can be interpreted dynamically. E.g. localised interface for a global chain of kiosk-based applications around the globe.

8.    Developer and designer collaboration. It is via transparent use of XAML between web applications and desktop installations.

9.    WPF provided routed events allowed parent container controls to behave as a self-aware component knowing when it members are being interacted with. This is done via Bubbling and Tunnelling.

10.    Allows generic styles definitions. These can be applies across a WPF page or specific elements. More like a CSS concept but not exactly.

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