WPF Datagrid not refreshing UI

This is another annoying thing i have come accross. Sometimes we have a need to filter a datagrid which is already filled. Now, this problem is only for WPF datagrids. Even after trying DataGrid. Items.Referesh(), the UI won’t udpate.

The reason for this is that DataGrid.ItemSource doesn’t get notified when the underlying datasource changes. Hence, to refersh the UI, you would need to reassign the DataConext to DataGrid. One way to do this is to re-instantiate the datasource and then re-assign the datacontext. So the steps would be

  1. Set DataContext to null
  2. Re-create/instantiate the datasource e.g. dataset
  3. Assign the dataset.Table[0] or whatever your item source is.

This solutiosn works for me assuming that most of the assignment is done within the code with minimum script in XAML, except the ItemSource property is set to {Binding} in XAML.

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